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This page allows you to contact Ynetnews only.

Ynetnews is doing everything it can to provide the best service and respond to every request and inquiry. For any claim, request, or question you may have, please contact the relevant Ynet staff member directly via email.

Please contact the relevant staff member only.

A response from the relevant staff member will be sent within 72 hours to the email address used in your message.

Please send responses to articles, or questions addressed to the website editors, including responses to a "Talkback" posting, to the relevant email address listed at the bottom under "Ynet staff."

If you wish to write us via regular postal mail, please address your letter to:

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Tel Aviv 67433 Israel

Red Email
If you wish to send us news items, scoops, or any newsworthy information, you are welcome to use Red Email.

Ynetnews content is available for syndication and reprint on websites, in newspapers and magazines and for corporate and not-for-profit promotional purposes. For information on pricing and delivery options, contact Merav Gottesdiener, Marketing Manager, Ynetnews, merav-go@y-i.co.il. Ynetnews content may not be reprinted in any form without express written permission. Hypertext links to Ynetnews may be placed on websites with notification and full credit to the material’s source. Violations of this policy will be pursued.

Technical support
If you encounter a technical problem while browsing the Ynetnews website, it is recommended to first open the website's "Help" page (see link at bottom of page).

We are happy to assist you in any technical problem or question you may encounter while browsing the Ynetnews website. Please contact: help@y-i.co.il

This is your address for any inquiries or proposals you may have regarding joint marketing endeavors with Ynetnews or Yedioth Internet in general. Please send marketing suggestions and proposals to: marketing@y-i.co.il

If you are interested in placing an advertisement on Ynetnews, or on any of the Yedioth Internet websites, please contact us via e-mail at: merav-go@ynetnews.com

Business Development
Please send proposals or inquiries regarding joint marketing, e-commerce, and business development endeavors to: business@y-i.co.il. Please say in the body of the email that you are interested in a project with Ynetnews.

Content development
Please send inquiries or proposals regarding joint content-related endeavors to: news@ynetnews.com. Please say in the body of the email that you are interested in a project with Ynetnews.

Human Resources
If you are interested in submitting your resume, or if you have any inquiries regarding human resources, please write to us at: hr@y-i.co.il.

Please note that we will reply to relevant inquiries only.

Customer Service
Ynet and Yedioth Internet's customer service department is at your service for any request, comment, or inquiry you may have: service@y-i.co.il

Ynetnews staff
If you wish to submit a response to a Ynetnews article, you may click "Talkback," which appears at the bottom of each article. For any information regarding "Talkback" and the posting of responses, please write to us at: service@y-i.co.il Additional inquiries or comments may be sent to the website editors:

Ynetnews Editorial Department: news@ynetnews.com
Editor-in-chief, Ynet: editor-in-chief@y-i.co.il


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